1. Demand Letter: Demand letter should be addressed to Bhandari Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Licence no 345/059/060. The letter should have details of the number of workers, nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime, transport, insurance of workers, Residence permit and other benefits.

2. Power of Attorney:Power of Attorney is a legal confirmation, on behalf of employer, for selection of manpower. This authorizes Bhandari Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Licence no 345/059/060 for sending workers legally.

3. Employment Contract:The employing company provide the employee employment agreement as per demand letter.

4. Service Agreement:Employing Company should provide us service agreement between company and recruitment agency in Nepal .

5. Guarantee Letter:The employing company should not transfer any workers to another country without approval of competent Nepal Government authorities.

6. Electronic Authorization Letter:The employing company has to write a letter according to visa approval slip to the Electronic Authorization Office or Embassy for visa endorsement of the workers.

7. Visa Slip (Copy):The original visa slip is required in case of Block Visa. However, the photocopies of Block Visa are acceptable in case of multiple Block visa.

8. Company Registration (C. R.) /one photocopy only.

Above documents from 1 to 5 should be signed by company’s authorized person, bear Company Seal and documents 1 & 2 should be attested from Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the respective country.